Everyone please settle down.  Thank you.  Hi! I'm Lindsey Gentile (www.lindseygentile.com) and I am an actor, writer, and comedienne living in NYC.  I decided to start a blog after a homeless man peed on me on my way to perform at a comedy show in the East Village.  It was then that I realized, that not only am I going to die alone, but also that New York is truly a unique city and you have to be a certain kind of person to live here.  

Where else would you see women running in their 4 inch heels to catch a train or hear a girl tell a cabbie to go "Fuck yourself".  We are women who can overcome bed bugs, spend our daily commute smushed up against a smelly armpit that does not belong to us.  We pick our strollers up 98 subway stairs, we endure cat calling, we wait tables, nanny, crunch numbers, sell our souls, and work in cubicles so we can be creative and change the world... We are Big City Sirens. 

Men, stop rolling your eyes, this blog is not just for women. If you play your cards right, you could use this blog to get laid!  Just looking out. So whether you are a woman who needs a laugh after you run into your ex boyfriend with his hot new girlfriend, or a guy who uses the pick up line, "I can feel an energy around you" this blog can save your life. And just remember:  He bought you a black toilet seat.  You are better off without him.