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Poll: What is the Worst Kind of Douche Bag?

no_douchebags_tshirt-p235082956623684464qw9y_400Both men and women can be douche bags.  Click to read about the different kinds and take my poll to figure out which one you think is the absolute worst kind of douche bag.









#1 The Royal Douche:

For Men: They use hair gel, live in Murray Hell, like to GRIND, and will tell a girl that "you just want to go home with her and hold her". Nothing else. Fist pumping was a part of their life WAY before Jersey Shore.

For Women: They use hair gel, live in Murray Hill, and tell guys "I'll go home with you, but I'm a good girl" or "I never do this."

#2 The Unsanitary Douche:

For Men: They wait until AFTER they sleep with someone to tell them that you may or may not have JUST exposed them to herpes and genital warts. But it's been such a long time since you've had an outbreak.

For Women: They're Slept with every male friend you've ever had. Which is fine.

#3 The Emotional Douche:

For Men: They get really really drunk, fist pump to Bon Jovi, and ACDC at dive bars, usually pick a fight with someone or vomit on the floor, or break something and everyone has to leave the bar because they've made it VERY uncomfortable for everyone, or they were asked to leave. Or they cry. They wind up crying because daddy never loved them. All of this occurs because they have a small penis.

For Women: all of the above but instead of having a small penis, they have an unfortunate nose, and at some point in the night they probably fell off the bar.

#4 The Other Douche:

For Men and Women: They claim they are not a Royal Douche, An Unsanitary Douche, or an Emotional Douche.

Fine, well then that means they are either: In denial, are a combo, or they are normal. And being Normal isn't cool either.

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