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Thirsty Thursday! Our first annual Bloody Mary crawl

photo (20)Last weekend I had an amazing Bloody Mary adventure with a few friends.  We went out too late and drank way too much the night before, so we started hung over and ready to roll.  Or vomit.

The plan was to start with brunch at our favorite spot: Cafe Forant in Hell's Kitchen... fuel up with a Gruyere and Sausage omelet with potatoes and delicious coffee... and head out to our first stop.

I mapped out a few places that are known to have great bloody marys: St. RegisBrother JimmysThe Black Duck, and Blue Water Grill. We wanted to end up at Prune which has 12 different types of Bloody Marys, but we missed brunch and we will have to make that up at some other time.  

We had a score sheet that consisted of these 4 categories:

Price - How much it was (just in case you couldn't figure it out)

Presentation- This wound up including Garnish/ Booze factor

Delish - How delicious it was.

Sparkle - Any extra bells and whistles, hot bartender, unique urinal, if anything crazy happened during our visit, etc.

photo (23)Stop #1:  The King Cole bar at the St Regis Hotel. Overall the St Regis is a BEAUTIFUL and LAVISH hotel.  Their famous $20 Bloody Mary (aka the Red Snapper, which sounds like a dirty sexual position) is smooth, strong, and pretty standard.  In our first sips, we judged it HARD because of the price.  But then, the drunker we got the better it got.  They also served us nuts, pretzels and wasabi peas and it had a fancy St Regis stirrer in it which helped in both the sparkle and the garnish categories. No celery or olive.  Rude.  I described this bloody mary as "the man I'd never marry". It's too fancy, too proper, and it would never understand or appreciate my crazy and creative ways. So overall:

Price -2 points for it's high price of $20

Presentation - 5 points - Although a classy joint, Dannys glass was sticky, and we thought the bar was looking a little bare and needed a bouquet of flowers or something to spruce it up a bit.  It had a lemon wedge but no celery or olive.

Delish - 9 points.  It was super delish indeed.

Sparkle - 4 points.  The bar was filled with Old bags, and we described the atmosphere as "one foot in the grave.  

20 points all together.

photo (14)Stop #2: Brother Jimmy's in Murray Hill - What a different atmosphere than the St Regis.  We walked into a sea of dude-bro douche bags, and pretended to be there for the game.  Which I don't remember if it was football, baseball, or hockey that was playing.  I was there for a Bloody Mary.  I had heard that they had great garnishes and a special rimming sauce.  I am going to admit that I went there for the rimming sauce because it sounded dirty.   It was 9 dollars!  Which for NY is reasonable!  It had celery, two pickled string beans, 2 olives, the special rimming sauce, and a fun stick that said, "Put some south in yo mouth", and it was served in a mason jar!  Come on, you'd think this would be a winner because of all the bells and whistles but the actual drink was Disgusting.    

So overall: 

Price -6 points.  We found it not too expensive, but not cheap.

Presentation - 10.  There was a lot going on and we were INTO it!

Delish - 2. Gross. Gross. Gross.

Sparkle -7.  Lost some points because of the frat boys.

25 all together.  

photo (15)Stop #3:  The Black Duck - Located off the beaten path somewhere between Murray Hill and Chelsea. We stumbled upon this cute little place, that we decided to go in because they had a piano, little pumpkins scattered around, a painting with a man with a monocle, and outdoor seating.  And, of course, bloody marys.  We sat outside and ordered our drinks.  Our bartender was very sweet hooked us up a bit. While sitting outside, this crazy young guy walked by singing REM on the top of his lungs, and we started singing with him...  he stopped to chat and his name was AJ,  Able Junior.  He loved singing out loud and he gave me joy.  Back to the bloody mary. It was delicious.  It was smooth and delish and very similar to the St Regis drink, but It was more than half the price.  It came with two HUGE stuffed Olives.  It also got some extra sparkle points for their unique urinal that the boys were a big fan of.  This place was a real treat.  Staci's exact quote, "it wasn't too spicy, it wasn't too hot, for this goldilocks it was just right."  

So overall: 

Price - 6 points, it was $9

Presentation - 8 points.  It was clean and classic.  

Delish - 9 points.  It was delish.

Sparkle -10 points.  Able Junior, outdoor seating, monocle, urinal, and the waiter gave Staci his number!

33 points all together....  I smell a winner.

photo (16)Stop #4:  Blue Water Grill - we were actually on our way to Prune, and we called and found out that their brunch was over.  We decided to duck into Blue Water Grill for one more.  Ehhhhh. Boring. It was okay, I liked that it wasn't SO strong because I had already had a few,  but if it were my first one i'd be disappointed.  Price was $9, presentation was okay, it had an olive. We'll give it a sparkle of 8 points because the bartender had glitter coming out of his ears! Overall:

Price - 7 points

Presentation - 7 points

Delish - 7 points

Sparkle -  8 points


And the winner is.... Black Duck Logo

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