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I Found Love During the Oscars

So yesterday I posted this ad on Craigslist at 4pm:fan grapes

 I got over 30 hits in only an hour.  Here are some of my favorite responses:

David Klein says, "Will they be seedless grapes?"

Richard Robertson says, "would love to feed Oscar naked palm fronds while he watches a grape on the tv.  Or whatever you said.  You so crazy!  Are you and all your hot friends pulling for Toy Story 3??"

And finally we met and chose

Joenah:  (You must read out loud in order to really get to know Joenah)"hi my name is joenah !! first of all you're ad is really nice it caught me so far so i will go straight to the point, and i will touch base from all about me in a bit and we can discussed everything specific soon, would you considered, it would be my honer to get to know you and comfortable to each other and i like mostly the same just general going out and inside fun as well o i'm not pushy type at all

,i like to take thinks step by step, making sure every1 is comfortable with, the most caught in you'r ad is cause you look like like to be very genuine and a nice personalty  btw  i toke some massage classes i just finished  I'm not that professional but i definitely know how to give a nice massage and relax your bones and so on ,so just keep in mind it this add some points for me if not its cool),    to be more honest, I'm Jewish orthodox (though you like it kosher  ,,lol) hope you don't mind, if u do i respect that,
 im working guy on my on own schedule working in financing for life insurance
i live in williamsburg   I drive, well please feel free to ask any questions as well ,hope to qualified. 
thanks for you're time ,and appreciate you're reply
reply if it's ok will go from there

** it was an honer to meet Joenah.

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