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Love Letter to my friends and family...

Two weeks ago my dear friend Kelly and I rented a car, packed our bags and my dog, and drove to North Carolina. We performed our show, Kelly and Lindsey Do New York at the Greensboro Fringe Festival in Greensboro and then also did a set at the NC Comedy Arts Festival in Chapel Hill.  We had an AMAZING time. We partied with locals, ate fried pickles, hung out with my family, almost lost my dog, and witnessed a possible shoot out in a Red Roof Inn we were staying in.  NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT THE SUPPORT AND THE LOVE THAT WE RECEIVED FROM OUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS.

I am so overwhelmed and I feel so lucky.  We raised over $1,000 from our supportive friends and family who wanted to make sure this experience would happen for us.  My mom brought 20 people to see our show even though there was a huge black dildo in it and we say the word CUNT about 15 times. My mom's friend Barbara cooked us the most amazing breakfast the morning after our last performance. We received text messages and phone calls throughout our trip from friends and family back home wishing us luck and sending us good vibes. The locals took us out til all hours of the night.  The help we received from the theatre staff...  it was such an amazing experience.

It's easy to do what you love to do, but it's not easy to make money to support yourself when you are an artist. I can't thank my friends and family enough for helping me reach this goal.  Kelly and I have a solid show, we could not have done it without you.  Kelly and I have amazing memories form this trip and it would not happened without you.  My dog is eating the finest puppy chow that PetSmart has to offer, and this could not have happened without you.  

THANK YOU for the support, the love, and the encouragement.  Thank you for letting us be weird and believing that it will work and it will be funny.  Thank you for holding us up when we are tired, and overwhelmed, and ready to give up.   This is a group effort and I can't thank you enough for wanting to be a part of it.   

LOVE, LOVE, and so much more LOVE. 

When I am rich I'm buying you all a yacht!

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