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My gyno never looks me in the eye

5004775Should I be worried that my Gyno never looks me in the eye?  The first time we met, I thought maybe it was because I was naked and he didn't want me to be uncomfortable because he's a dude. The second time he didn't make eye contact, I thought maybe he didn't like the shape of my vagina. But yesterday I went in to get a prescription filled and I didn't even have to get naked and I noticed that he still wouldn't look me in the eye.   Listen, I know that I stick my vagina in his face in a weird medical way, but that's what I thought I was supposed to be doing there.  So why won't he look at me?!  Look at my face dammit! 

Now I'm thinking that maybe he doesn't like me personally and it has nothing to do with my lady friend.  I don't know why he wouldn't like me. I'm really nice to him. I even talk nice about him behind his back.  I say he's good looking but in a non- threatening way. I shouldn't like him.  He's the dud. Okay he's not a dud. Let's just say he's not the most exciting color in the crayon box (I'd go with Sepia or Beaver).   

Maybe I need a Gyno with a little flair. Maybe we aren't very compatible and I need to look for someone who will connect with me on a deeper level.  Someone who will give me a gentle elbow touch when we are chatting.  Someone who will laugh at my jokes, and tell me that my vagina is healthy and strong.  So here I am, starting over once again, with yet another dissapointing man in my life.  Have a happy Thursday!  

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