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Like Father, Like Daughter: By Staci Jacobs

Staci_6_WEBAny semi-normal 20 or 30 something in living in NYC will tell you- "Dating is hard!".  But it doesn't end there.  

This September would have marked my parents’ 44th wedding anniversary. After losing my mother to cancer in late 2010, my dad once again became a bachelor.  My dad is 74. Needless to say A LOT has changed since his solo days. My father is a bit of a lone wolf. He would never take the initiative to make phone calls or make plans.  Yeah, I worried about that. I wanted to make sure he was getting out, seeing people and staying busy.  Much to my surprise, he started doing that.    Apparently, he also became Baltimore’s most eligible bachelor in the 60-75 age range. Every week he would tell me how this person, knows a single lady or that person has someone he should meet. Dinners out with friends, trips to the dentist, golf buddies-all had a woman he might like. All of a sudden my dad was The Man.  He’s good looking, still has most of his hair, stays in shape and the piece de resistance, a drivers license.  My dad can drive...at night. A total catch!  

Taking a huge first step he got his first phone number and called one of these women. Yup, called. Amazing right. They went to dinner, had a nice time and planned for a second date. I asked my dad how it went. “Good. She doesn’t drink alcohol, coffee or tea. She’s has no kids, never been married. We had a nice time but I don’t think she realizes how old I am.” I asked “Well how old is she?. He said she was 48. Go dad!   

Around the same time, I happened to be dating a guy. We’ll call him Mr F. He was a free spirit, kind of a hippie and very fun Our first date started at midnight and ended at 9:30 AM the next day-totally PG. 

Date number two for my father and Ms. 48 yr old consisted of another dinner out.  Again, my dad said it was a ”nice” time.  

My second date with Mr. F was a fun filled 8 hours of drinking, going to a reading, crashing a party and a burlesque show where a fierce “nun” pulled a rosary out of her undies. I still knew little about him...profession, passions, age.

My dad made it to date number 3 with Ms. 48.  She never asked my dad his age, but he assumed she figured it out based on his points of reference during their previous interviews..oops, dates. She whipped out the “let’s just be friends”. 

My third date  with Mr. F was a long walk around the LES, seeing a Bob Marley cover band followed by a late night bite. I still knew very little about this guy.  He seemed to have lived 20 lives and knew everyone in the East village. 

After listening Mr. F tell story after story, I had to ask his age.  I estimated 40. Turns out he was 46. 46!!!!!! Yup my dad and I were dating in the same age pool. 

Mr F. and I did not last. I whipped out the "let's just be friends" and we never talked again.  

The day after my dad’s third date Ms. 48 yr old called him up.  “I know a woman I think you should to meet.” “Okay” my dad said,”who”? She replied “My MOTHER.”

 Yes. Dating is hard. Just ask my dad. 


* Staci is single and a catch.  Just saying.  She is an actress, singer, and writer in NYC. She's the most loyal, and wonderful friend I've ever had and she has a new project coming up called Saving Unicorns.  Check out more info about Staci and Saving Unicorns by click here*

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