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50 Shades of Stupid

428508_10151045390881252_1270231078_nI'm sorry ladies, but the book, 50 Shades of Grey is stupid.  I read the first book after hearing from 50 shades of people in my life that I HAD to read it.  So I did.  And it was stupid.  

Look I already know what you are going to say!  "You have to read the other two... blah blah blee blue blah". Listen to me. It was terribly written and I have hotter fantasy's in my own head and in my real sex life than I got from reading this book.  

Okay, okay, okay!  The book may not be for me, but I will see the positive side to this book and say this: I can get behind anything that helps uptight frigid women loosen up a little and masturbate. So... let them eat cake!

To the left is a picture my friend Fil took the other day on the train. It's pretty amazing. Also, below is a beautiful rendition of a reading of 50 shades of grey!




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