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New York I love you, but I almost got mugged

jlvn1597lNew York I love you, but you almost let me get mugged last night.  Last night I went on a nice little date in the city.  I walked my dog for a few hours in Central Park and cooked some dinner with a cute boy (“Shit Pictures”). 

After dinner and a little making out, we wanted to take a walk in my neighborhood with Oliver the dog, and get some ice cream.  We found a stoop to sit on and enjoy our ice cream and pet the pup.  As we were sitting on our cute little stoop on 47th street, a scary looking dude walked by and shot “Shit Pictures” a weird look.  We ignored it, as you do in the city.  But after he passed us, he turned around the came back.  I was aware of it, but because we are so desensitized living here, I wasn’t scared just yet.  He looked at me and asked what kind of dog Oliver was and started to pet him.  He was petting Oliver, not looking at us, or speaking to us.  Just petting.  I don’t remember what we did, but I think it was quiet.  I think we were quiet. And you could feel it.  It was a weird feeling.  Calm though.  Like the calm before the storm.

We both knew his plan was to come back, size us up, and mug us.  He was checking us out to see where my purse was and to get a better look at us.  I don’t know if it was the fact that I had my dog with me, or me telling him to have a nice night or the fact that my purse was across my body like a messenger bag, but for whatever reason, he didn’t.  For whatever reason, he changed his mind. 

When living in New York, you become so trusting and so desensitized but at any minute, anyone could come up to you and do some actual real harm.  It’s not something we should sit around and think about all day or every day, but something we should be aware of. 

Here’s a tip if you think you are about to get mugged.  Give him your purse or wallet.  Just do it.  Listen, these days anything is replaceable.  Just say, “Here sir, here is my purse! Have a great night”.  Show him your credit cards, give him your pin numbers.  Even if he didn’t ask for it.  Maybe just ask for your lip gloss because a good lip gloss is hard to find.  


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