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An Apology

photo (25)Let me start with an apology.  I'm sorry I haven't written, I'm sorry I've been too busy to be available to you. I like you and I'm totally into you and you deserve better.  Can we start over?  I promise to give you more.  

The past few months have been beyond insane, and unfortunately I put things some things that make me happy, like you, on the back burner.  I spent a few months working for BUST magazine, which was awesome.  I released a web series, which was awesome. I dated an idiot for a few months, which was not as awesome.

But now I feel really good.  I have a little more time for myself, and I look forward to being back. So again, I am sorry.  Below are a few things you have missed since I've been gone.



I went to a bachelorette party in New Orleans: Here is a wang in motion from that experience.  Do you see it? It's literally moving!

 photo (23)












I've had a few run-ins with OK CUPID, so here are some highlights:

photo (6) cupid photo (5)

And here is Episode 1 of my webseries, Kelly and Lindsey Do New York.  There will be 5 episodes, and the next one will come out May 4th!!!  Tell your friends <3

I love you, and I'm sorry.  

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