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Me and Amanda Bynes

amanda-bynes-1339680687When I was younger I auditioned for the Nickelodeon show ALL THAT.  I was called back a few times and my dad and I had to drive back and forth to Orlando for the final callbacks. They made us write our own material, and I must have been ten years old at the time.  For part of my act, I wrote a parody of the song "I'm too Sexy" and sang and acted it as an old 80 year old Jewish lady. "Oy, I'm too sexy for my cane, too sexy for my cane, I'm sorry to complain..." you get the point. (As you read this, please sing that last sentence in your best old lady Jew voice to get the full effect. I swear it's funny.)

It got down to me and Amanda Bynes. Yes, THE Amanda Bynes. She got the part, I did not.  I was really upset that I didn't get the part but my mom told me, "Everything happens for a reason".

So now, I'm a Sex and City Tourguide and struggling actor living in Midtown Manhattan and Amanda Bynes is a retired actress, throwing bongs out of her window in Midtown Manhattan.  Is it bad that I can't tell who won?

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