$h#t my Dad Emails
Monday, March 16, 2015 at 12:00PM
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While battling a fun case of food poisoning, I found some emails that my dad has sent me over the years, and they are.... well.... typical, every day emails from my father... or as he calls himself, Fathertard. 

This first email is from when I booked my first gig out of college.  I was a singer on a cruise ship and I was setting off to travel the world.  This was his Bon Voyage to me!

Then I got new headshots and sent them to him for some advice..

Then Fathertard had a brilliant idea for a new sketch I should do.  He wanted me to do a video for a Glue to help a Yalmuke stay on a Jewish Man's head. The Glue is called Yalma-Glew, naturally.  For months he insisted I made the video... I never did. 


And... another

When writing my family about goals, aspirations, and fun family ideas, Fathertard responds...

When updating the parents when I touched down in South Africa, Fathertard had his own agenda when it came to my travels...

But this is the motherload.  When my sister was living in Berlin, my parents were trying to send her a package, and it kept getting returned to their house.  Here is an email from a very frustrated Fathertard. 


***If you'd like to receive emails from Fathertard, comment below with your email address.  Let's make this happen!***


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