What NOT to Say When You Run into an Ex
Thursday, March 19, 2015 at 12:00PM
Lindsey Gentile in big city siren, ex boyfriend, lindsey gentile

Ohhhhh the Ex-Boyfriend.  The reminder of what once was.  Whether that WAS was a terrible shit storm, or a happier-than-a-clam moment in time, it is NEVER fun running into an EX.....unless you're running into them 15 pounds thinner, you're currently starring in a new TV show and you're with your hot new ethnically ambiguous boyfriend who is a self-made millionaire who loves to buy you presents and has a thing for going downtown... to buy you more presents, of course! Then it's fucking GREAT running into your ex.  But if you're not quite there yet, or if you're still the mess he left, here are three things you should NOT say to an EX if you run into them.  

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