Street Stories - Starbucks in Astor Place

custom_1240587773539_sbuxI had the ultimate Starbucks experience in the Starbucks at Astor Place.  AKA the CRAZIEST Starbucks in the WORLD.   I met my friend Kelly there to write.  We wanted the ultimate location where we could park our asses for a few hours, and write without any unnecessary distractions. So naturally in search for serenity, tranquility, and calmness we picked the largest, craziest Starbucks in New York City.

It was 11am, and we sat down in what seemed like a secure comfy nook off the beaten path. It appeared to be a safe place for our ideas to run wild and be free. Kelly got up to order our drinks while I saved our seats. As I looked out the window marveling on what a glorious day is was outside, I looked over and noticed a homeless man sitting at the table next to me. No big deal, he’s not the only one in this establishment who is without a home. And he was actually a clean and fashionable homeless man, with a nice down jacket for the winter (with feathers sticking out of large holes masked with duct tape), form fitting pants (safety pinned together all the way up the sides but hey, he was still wearing pants), and lots of Duane Reade Bags with god knows what in them. I liked his look. His smell not so much... but there was something about him....

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Chuck E Cheese Yelp Review

This is a real Yelp review for a Chuck E Cheese in Long Island City, New York.  The writer gave this particular Chuck E cheese 2 stars:
"Something smells foul at the Northern Blvd. Chuck E. Cheese, and this time, it's not the food.  But much like the pizza that the chain was founded upon, the dinner theater's latest stage show is bland, cheesy, and hard to swallow.

The latest production, aptly entitled "The Pizza Party Mystery", fails spectacularly at almost every level, with an astonishingly predictable plot that is only rivaled in it's impotence by the ineffectual and stilted performances of nearly every member of the cast.

This theatrical debacle begins in the house of the protagonist, Chuck E. Cheese, where we learn that he and his company are about to celebrate Cheese's birthday with a pizza party.  All are in high spirits at the prospect of the impending feast.  Tired and hackneyed jokes are exchanged between the party guests to little comedic effect.

The character "Pasqually", a shamefully stereotypical Italian chef, and "Mr. Munch", who appeared to be a keyboard-playing monster of some kind, (it's never really established) act as the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of the production, providing numerous tedious knock-knock jokes and lame puns, almost all of which revolve around the subject of pizza.

So, while "Pizza Party Mystery" has little chance of entering the pantheon of theatrical classics, a few bright spots were achieved in spite of, not because of the writing; and the salad bar was all you can eat."

DUDE.  COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



10 Stupid Things That Happened This Year

With the New Year right around the corner, here are 10 stupid things that happened this year:








10. Paul, the Psychic Octopus dies.

9. O'Donnell, Paladino, Palin, and Sheen.

8. Jeremy London gets "kidnapped".

7. J LO "sings" on SNL. 

6. Jennifer Lopez is voted as one of Baraba Walters most facinating people.

5. The Bed Intruder song.  And when I say stupid, I mean amazing.

4. Gay people still can't get married.

3. BRIDALPLASTY.  I mean, really???

2. The ending of LOST. I don't know, I never watched ONE episode, but that's what people were saying.

1. Dancing with the Stars. It's stupid every year. I can't believe people watch it.


Missed Connections - Small Towns

When home for the holidays, I found this Missed Connections in the town of Boone, NC.


Food Lion - Boone, NC

You are so hot and I want to hook up. Maybe give you bj in the frozen food aisle.  Hot- you are so helpful and thanks for trying to get my milk and let me know if I can milk you . E-mail me-


Looks like this love connection blossomed in the frozen foods aisle.



Christmas Plans for the Jews

This is for the Jews! Most Jews spend their Xmas day ordering Chinese food and going to see a movie. Here's a movie recommendation for you... Happy Holidays and remember: It's not your fault that Hanukkah came so early this year.


Dick the Balls!

This is my friend Stephanie Holmes .  This is a beautiful video made to spread the Christmas cheer!


Restaurant of the Week - Rolf's German Restaurant 

7100836p1Located in the Flat Iron Distract/ Gramercy, Rolf's German Restaurant is also known as "Christmas on Crack" due to the amount of Holiday decorations inside. People have also described it as "Eating German food while "tripping on acid" and one costumer says "I dont even remember the food there were so many lights and dolls and ornaments.. I was like a cat in a chandelier/laser-beam show." 

Ps. Please feel free to sing along to the ridiculous Xmas soundtrack loud and with VIGOR!

Rolf’s  German Restaurant
281 Third Avenue
New York, N.Y. 10010