Match Making Monday - Meet Maurica

This is my friend Maurica, she is a CATCH!  You can Follow her on Facebook or Youtube!!  Enjoy.


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Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People

images While watching the Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People special I realized two things:

1. Barbara Walters looks like a Praying Mantis that's about to kill me.

2. I seriously hope that when I die, it is not Barbara Walters who is there at the pearly white gates showing me in.  I don't always like her tone.  I just have a bad feeling that she is going to be a part of it. 


BBQ Brought Me Love

summer streetsA few years ago, on a lovely Saturday afternoon, I went for a sensible walk down second avenue in the East Village... It was a typical day in the neighborhood: I walked past a crack head peeing on himself, a circle of “Homeless Teenagers” that you know actually live in a penthouse with their parents on the UES and are going through a phase, and a few junkies here and there. 

As I was walking, I passed a very famous BBQ spot. I walked by a few fishbowl Margaritas, turned the corner past some pulled pork, and that’s when i saw it...

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Water Wiener or Masturbation Sleeve?

sku_19426_3_smallRemember those toys, that when you held onto them they slipped out of your hands?? Ahhh, the good old days.. I haven't seen one of those slippery toys in a while, but while at The Pleasure Chest the other day, In the West village, I realized they were bringing them back! Then I realized that what I was actually looking at was NOT a children's toy, but a masturbation sleeve. Then I felt weird.  

When I looked up the children's toy, I saw that it's name was "The Water Weiner". And now, im confused and feel like maybe we were just playing with masturbation sleeves the whole time...

And now it's time to play...."WATER WEINER OR MASTURBATION SLEEVE?"

Look at the Picture on the LEFT. Is this A Water Wiener or a Masturbation Sleeve??? Click more for the Answer!

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5 Deal Breakers

toilet small1. A guy who breaks your toilet seat TWICE and then buys you a black one to replace it.  


sweatpantsguysmall2. A guy in sweat pants that wears the wrong underwear.  Actually just a guy who wears sweat pants.


 Trampstamp 3. A straight guy with a lower back tattoo. 




Shitzu small4. A grown single straight guy with a Shitzu.  Shitzu = gay or married.


kesha small5. A guy who sings along to Keisha during spin class.  Not okay.



Match Making Monday

Hey Ladies, sometimes I like to play matchmaker.  Saw this AD on Craigslist and wanted to pass along.


Banana Yellow Large 18 teeth hair clip

 Do you rock the BANANA CLIP?

I love how banana clips look on some girls. If you look great in a clip, or think you'd look great with one, drop me a line. I'm an attractive, fit, professional, SWM. Please be intelligent, fit, and attractive. Amazing long hair gets bonus points. 


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Subway Douchery

My friend Tom Sibley has an amazing blog called Subway Douchery where people send in the most ridiculous, offensive and funny subway happenings...

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