Too fast? Too Slow! I like it JUST RIGHT.

3571685667_54bf72890cNo, I am not talking about my sexual preferences. Although, Jack Rabbit sex is never good sex and I can only imagine that slow motion sex would be extremely awkward. I'll try it and get back to you. 

When I say... Too fast? Too Slow!  I like it JUST RIGHT, I am actually talking about my dating life.  Yes, as you know this Big City Siren is back on the market... (And at the moment, this particular market feels like a dead smelly fish market filled with rotting fish carcasses... think China Town).

One of my main goals in my new "dating" adventure is to take things slow.  For the first time, I am trying to date the right way. 

Too fast? I am used to meeting someone and falling head over heels, moving in with them within three days, and shacking up.  I forget that my friends and my own life exist, and by the time I find out they are bat shit crazy (a week later), I am already in too deep, and I just have to learn how to tolerate them or try to change them, which never works, and then it crashes and burns faster than it started and it hurts, and the ending is painful and horrible, and a whirlwind and I want to die.  Yes, I speak from lots of crash and burning experience.  Can you tell?

Too slow!  So recently, I met someone very sweet and smart.  4 points. We met through a good friend. 5 points. He has a real job at an awesome company. 3 Points.  He likes to go to fun/ non-douchey but semi-trendy places. 2 points.  And drink delicious cocktails.  7 points. That is 21 points on the new dating experience scale. (No idea how many points are good or bad or what they mean, but we will figure it out)

Too Slow and I met in late October. I stopped by a bar to say "hi" and "bye" to a good friend who was around the corner from a rooftop party I was attending and selling pop brownies at.  I had to get home and walk my dog but I wanted to say hi.  Too Slow is a good friend of my good friend's boyfriend, and was there and and we met and I was intrigued.  He was forward about taking me out to brunch after he got back in town from a business trip that he was going on for two weeks. I was into it. I love brunch. We exchanged numbers, and we texted a few times while he was away.  He got back to NY the day before hurricane Sandy hit, and between me not having power, and the trains not running, and him coming down with some sort of flu, we didn't see each other until almost a month after we first met.  

The first date went really well.  He paid for everything, which I wasn't used to, but I let him. He picked a spot and had a few more places up his sleeve just in case I didn't like it.  He had a great sense of humor and seemed into me.  At the end of the night, he walked me home...I was a little nervous, a few butterflies in my stomach.  We got to my little stoop and... no kiss, which bothered me...  but I felt some sort of a spark so I went with it.  In three days, I was leaving town for almost two weeks, so we wanted to sneak in one more date before I left.

So we met two days later for date number 2.  We had a great time... we were both more relaxed, again he picked the spot. He made me stay out later then I had planned because we were both having a great time... he walked me home...again with the butterflies... and again no kiss.  Damn.  I needed a kiss to know if I felt a spark, and now I was leaving for two weeks without knowing how I felt... but I went with it.

While I was out of town, I heard from him...  not a lot.. but a few little texts here and there.  I wasn't sure how I felt yet about our chemistry but I am trying to be open to new things in this new dating adventure, and there is nothing wrong with seeing what happens.  I got home from my little thanksgiving break, and he was busy with work, and by the time we saw each other is was almost a month after our second date. 

Anywho, date number three. Here we go! We HAVE to kiss... it's almost two months after we first met, only two dates under our belt.  This is it.  And it was. It was an awesome date...  a marathon date... we went to a million different places, made out all over New York, and I can never go back to any of those places. it was really fun, and I think we both had a great time.  He stayed out til 3am and had to get up at 7 am for a flight for yet another business trip so I know he was into it... we texted a little here and there and then he got back to town a week later... the holidays, his brothers birthday, a family wedding...  it'll now be another 3 weeks before we go on another date and I'm over it.  

Now, hear me out.  the three weeks in between dates could be fine.  I get it.  We are both busy, but I guess I never mentioned in this blog that we never once talked on the phone... NOT ONCE. which I think is weird. Really weird. And how are you supposed to get to know someone if you see each other every three weeks and there is VERY little communication in between.  Yea, I need so much more than that.  

Every time three weeks goes by in between dates, a huge trucks drives through the two of you. The chemistry dies, and you have to find it again when you finally do see each other.  If we were in contact the whole time via the phone, we'd be on a completely different level by now.  It seems like he's just not that into me, right?.  Well, a little birdie told me that he is very interested in me, but if that birdie didn't tell me that, I'd never know it.  Not in a million years.

So now I am looking for my just right...  my taking it slow in the beginning, but being AVAILABLE and open and taking it a little faster when the time is right.  


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It's Xmas! Time for Chinese and a Movie!



Almost 30!

1343345258472_3957695On Friday, one of my best friends is turning 30. A lot of my closest friends have already gone over the 30 hump, but this one feels closer to home for me because I am only 6 months away from turning 30 myself. 30. Not 28. Not 29.... but 30. Duh duh duh....

When I was 20, I thought that when I turned 30 I'd either be happily married to a very rich man, have an adorable little boy, and a hit TV show on FX, or my boobs would be saggy, I'd have a lot of cats, and I'd be fat and sad.  I was hoping for the whole married track.  

I'm now 6 months away from turning 30 and I'm feeling really good.  I'm not married.  I don't have a kid, or even a boyfriend to marry to eventually have a kid.  I certainly don't have a hit TV show on FX either. I have a webseries coming out in February, does this count? Look, I may not have the perfect life that I envisioned, but my boobs are still pretty perky, I have an adorable dog, who may be my life partner, and I'm not that fat (Although the eating situation this holiday season is out of control.  Diet starts tomorrow). As of right now, 30 doesn't scare me. 

This may change tomorrow, in a week, in five minutes, but right now I am feeling really good.  I feel motivated and in control. I have the ability to make changes and have success in my life. (Ask me again in 2 months how I feel about turning 30).  I guess it's because I know what I want. I know what I want in my career, I know what I want when to comes to relationships, and I know what I'd like my life to look like.  A year ago, I don't think I knew that. Someone is becoming an adult.  

In the past year, I've learned to cut out the bullshit.  I am too young and too old for bullshit.  If someone or something doesn't make you feel like gold, get rid of it.  If your hitting a wall in your career, switch things up and try something new. This year has been very good to me, and I am so excited for the new year to come, to turning 30, and seeing what that looks like and what that brings.  

Listen, my life isn't perfect.  I have insecurities, ingrown hairs, and I wish many things in my life were better or easier, but I feel that overall that I am very lucky.  I have an amazing family, beautiful friends, and I just feel good.  I have a few extra pounds here and there, but as I get older I'll have a few more extra pounds, and more wrinkles, and my boobs will sag more.  I don't have a hit TV show...yet, but I am producing my own stuff and my friends and family believe in me and support me 100%. It really is all that matters.  So this year, I've decided that I need to have a little more fun and love myself a little more before I really am an old bag. 

So, 30... BRING. IT. ON.


My Super is SUPER!

My super and I have a special relationship.  Because I am a single lady living alone, he changes the light bulbs in my apartment that I can't reach, he takes my AC out of the window when summer is over, and he kills mice when I find them in my apartment.  When he comes over we always shoot the shit and he always makes sure to tell me how clean I am, how much he loves the ladies, and all about his MANY baby mammas.  I love him, and what is even better, he does all of this and I don't have to have sex with him!

The only time I didn't love him was when he told me that the last guy who lived in my apartment died in there and was in there (where my bed is now) for two weeks before anyone found him.  And also that he can hear when I have sex.  That was a little weird.  But it's a small price to pay for having him to do my man things that I can't do.

The other night I was going out with my girlfriends, and I had to do laundry before I met up with them.  I went to my basement, and did the wash no problem, but when it was time to dry, there were no available dryers.  I had an hour until I had to meet the girls, and each dryer had a good 30 minutes left to go. When I went downstairs to check on my stuff, my super, Jose was doing my laundry.  He told me to go out and have fun and he would do my dry and fold all my clothes, and leave my stuff in my apartment was he was done.  Ummm, I resisted at first (maybe because I knew he's be handling my underwear and might possibly steal a few for a good time) but how could I say no to that!?

When I came home, my laundry was folded perfectly!  Who knew Jose could fold a fitted sheet?  He put all my underwear in one little garment bag, and my socks in the other.  It was a beautiful, beautiful thing. I think Oliver was more excited then I was!

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Happy Hanukkah - from Craigslist

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Worst Grease reunion EVER

This video shouldn't have happened... John Travlota's wallet chain shouldn't have happened either.  Bad Bad Bad.